Kundalini yoga is a type of Hatha yoga, often confused as a sexual movement based practice. This is false information, as it is an ancient form of yoga that is meant to create mindfulness, and open different energy center along the spine. Breathing exercises as well as meditation are key ingredients in this age-old practice. Kundalini can do more then just create a better sense of awareness in your, day to day, it can also help you release stress and drama in your life.


Once this Kundalini energy moves up from the base of the spine to the top of the head,  it can actually restructure the body (Adamson 2012.) This can do many things as well as reduce stress levels, and increase awareness of your actions and those in the world around you. Kundaini has recently been used in treatment of some psychiatric disorders, couple therapy, and personal growth methods (Shannahoff 2007.)


As a yoga teacher, I want to challenge you to try something new, find a Kundalini yoga class, enter it with an open mind, and watch how the meditation breathing combination can help alleviate your stress, and dissolve the importance of drama in your life.








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