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Hello Welcome! Please enjoy this video getting to know the COREliving website, and me!





Autumn Beth Lachendro here, journalist of a new breed. A new media journalist I utilize, video, pictures, and narration to tell a story. Then I share my stories in a interactive way. I do my promotions with social media platforms, receiving feedback from my audience allows me to know opinions, good or bad.

My journey started after completing the Bachelor of Science Internet Marketing degree at Full Sail University. I traveled to Guatemala to study Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga, and became a certified yoga instructor. Hatha is a type of yoga that contains sustained poses for long periods of time, Vinyasa is a style where one pose flows quickly to the next pose. This was an amazing experience that influenced creativeness,  making me aware how of my writing can inspire a healthier way of living, and interaction. I hope you’ll see that with the overall vibe of my COREliving.info website.

COREliving will provide you with information and insight into living a healthy lifestyle and improving on your CORE being. My website is a wonderful way to learn more exercises that promote a more inspired and knowledgeable you.



Connection with the community is how we can inspire and create! I cannot wait to connect with you!





Or Skype me for a chat! Autumn Lachendro

autumnbyrns@gmail.com, autumnrain@fulsail.edu, autumn.lachendro@gmail.com

1293 Amsterdam Dr. c/s 80907 (719) 598 2728

All photos are original.



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