Colorado known for skiing, mountains, and breweries is moving to the top of the list. The newest statistics say Colorado is ranked third in the nation for brewery’s, by the Brewers’ Association. In a state full of beer it’s most important to be served the right brew in the right glass.


Craft beers are unique in flavor, color, and smell. It is most important to be able to experience each craft beer correctly in the proper glassware. People are enjoying more robust beer styles according to Neilson this is a major shift from years past. There are 142 different styles of beer, The Brewers Association also says, the majority of these beers are malt based.


This explosion of craft beer recently has put a large emphasis on specialty glassware. “Glassware makes a big difference, beer that looks pleasing to the eye has already started the mental process for positive thinking and enjoyment Head Brewer Andrew Bartle states. The shape of the beer glass effects the formation and retention of the head. Certain glassware is designed for displaying carbonation and color, while others enhance aroma and volatiles.


Will putting a certain beer in a certain glasses affect the way it tastes? “There is a tremendous psychological factor at play here,” says Bamforth professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences at University of California. It helps bring out the characteristics of each specialty brew and display them for their qualities, and that is what is important.

As soon as the beer hits the glass, it’s color, aroma and taste are altered and your visual anticipation is heightened. The experience is coupled with colors that shimmer and show the depth and color of each craft beer. Compounds that evaporate, called volatiles are important to create aroma. Compounds come from hops, alcohol, spices, and other additions.


A microbrew is a handcrafted treat, and they often can be presented in a way that honors the craft of brewing, and the time put into each individual flavor.

Connie Greisz from Phantom Canyon says, “When drinking beer, the glass choice is essentail to the experience. Proper beer drinking demands the proper glass choice. Different types of beer vary in multiple ways including: yeast content, aroma, and flavor. To fully enjoy a beer, one must take the glass choice into account, otherwise, why spend the time and money on a craft beer?”



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