In the world of snowboarding, there are many different disciplines. There is the half pipe, freestyle, and boardercross, to name a few. Boardercross is one of the most challenging and dangerous disciplines on snow. It takes an extreme level of confidence and training to participate in this sport. Many elements come in to play to get the athlete ready, coaches, sponsors, and wax technicians. It is important to make sure each person is doing everything to have the best time down the racecourse. Boardercross is expensive and so is the equipment involved. Many times an athlete will have numerous sponsors and numerous types of coaching.

On this snow paved motorcross track there are many experts and organizations that help to get the races off the ground and make them successful each week in each location.

Paul Krahulec is an expert in the Boardercross industry. Krahulec is the Snowboard and Freestyle ski director for USASA. Krahulec is monumental in all things snowboarding from organizing the events for the athletes to training them.  USASA is a circuit that racers earn points by participating in, eventually to go to the Olympics.

Mr. Krahulec is found on LinkedIn where you can learn more about his background in snowboarding and how many ways he has contributed to the snowboard industry including doing the mobile scoring system for USASA. Krahulec was an pivotal coach at ISTC a boardercross training center.

The Face book page for Krahulec mentions his involvemnet with USASA, as well as his other accolades. Krahulec is also an active member on the USASA Face book page.

Krahulec has also had a twitter handle since 2009. The twitter page is 100% geared toward boardercross gossip and news. The sport of boardercross is guided a great deal by this man, from the design of the track, the scoring system, and the online presence, not to mention the petitions he has put into circulation for boardercross being in the Olympics.

There is a Google+ account for Krahulec, four social media platforms he is working with and many organizations with social media platforms have him involved and liked there too.

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The second expert in the boardercross field is ISTC, International Snowboard Training Center. ISTC is a pivotal player in the sport of boardercross. Many athletes that participate in the discipline are trained and training with ISTC. The program offers athletes a huge training benefit with on site coaches, and guidance for and at competitions. Posts like this one below are often found on their Face book page as well as motivational exercises and links to professional athletes and coaches in the sport. The motto for ISTC is, “Athletic Excellence through Dedication and a Healthy lifestyle- Mid-level to Elite level training for career oriented snowboarders in SBX!” as it states in their “about” section on Face book. ISTC also has a beautiful mission statement that they include on their social media platforms, “To ensure every athlete has the opportunity to reach their full potential through the highest quality coaching, while instilling core life values such as self–reliance, integrity, enthusiasm, dedication, and healthy lifestyle so that they can succeed in life and athletics.”


The ISTC has a very awesome Twitter presence and it is helpful for athletes and supporter alike. They use the social media platform to give information on the new race courses and also to keep updates on how atheletes are doing and where the next races are. One of the posts has a link to pictures on Face book.

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The Social media platforms they use are quite effective at keeping athletes and spectators in the “know.” This expert corporation as of does not yet utilize the LinkedIn social media platform yet. The ISTC Google+ social media platforms is informative and with more direct video, instead of links to videos. It is nice to be able to see racecourses and athletes on the actual social media platform.


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The use of such Social Media Platforms work together to really help promote the sport and the messages the experts have about them. It also keeps the community of SBX(snowboard cross) athletes in touch. Athletes racing in Vermont can get online and see what the course will be like, who will be there, what are good exercises to prepare and how to dress, just from following these two experts social media platforms.



There is another important expert in the business who is using his social media platforms, Ross Hindman. Ross Hindman is very much a expert of the SBX community and linked to both of the above experts, his resume procedes him, Founder & Program Director ISTC, Trainer, SWIX Tech Rep, Board Designer, SBX Course Designer, Photographer. SBX Coaching NorAm – Olympics! Hindman has a Google+ account with videos and contact information. Hindman has a LinkedIn presence but you can see he is new to using it or it does not reach his demographic. There is not much on it as far as information or posts are concerned.

All of these experts are valued and looked to as mentors of the sport itself, without each one the sport would not be where it is today.

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