Is Hot Yoga For Everyone? An In Depth Look at Benefits And Differences With Hannah Gooderham.

Hot Yoga is one of the many avenues you can take when you are researching starting a Yoga Practice in your life. Yoga comes in many forms and is very inclusive of all things involving “pranayama.Bikram Yoga is the first form of hot yoga, starting a curiosity that spawned a nation of eager yogis to get in the 95-110 degree rooms to practice their yoga.

Lachendro, Camera, Hannah Gooderham/2015

Hannah Gooderham, is a yoga instructor at a hot yoga studio. Gooderman is an inspiration; her understanding of yoga seems natural.  She is awesome at all the yoga postures , and the mindfulness she uses to reach them is breath taking.  An instructor at the Summit Hot Yoga ​studio , Hannah now shares her light daily. Gooderham received her RYT for teaching yoga, in Sedona, AZ. Hannah is truly an expert  that, exudes love, light, power, and is an inspiration for the practice of yoga to many people.

Gooderham lives in Summit County, Colorado at an elevation of around 10,000ft. There are many ski resorts near her yoga studio.  Hot yoga can be a real treat when it’s winter more than half the year. ” Because I live at almost 10,000 feet in elevation I really enjoy practicing in a hot room because we experience such cool temperatures. I often feel my body thaw and decompress when I practice hot yoga.”  However, there are many benefits, or differences, in the hot yoga practice.

Benefits of Hot Yoga:


  • Gooderham states “The heat allows for the release of toxins through perspiration.” The postures themselves are detoxifying for your muscles, organs, and glands and sweating furthers that.
  • A 90-minute class can burn up to 1,000 calories. The way you stretch and compress your internal organs and glands also stimulates ones metabolism , so you burn calories quicker outside the studio as well.
    The heat thins down the blood and allows it to perfuse deeply into the bodies tissue and organs to facilitate healing. Stretching your muscles in the heat stimulates blood flow to different parts of the body, thereby encouraging circulation of blood and improving the function of the circulatory system. Increased blood flow also increases oxygen and nutrient content to different body parts thus invigorating various organs and systems.
  • GooderHam says “I enjoy practicing in a hot room because I believe my body is better able to find the depth of a pose.” Flexibility is more achievable in the hotter rooms.

Although these are great perks of a hot yoga practice, it is also hard to discern wether or not hot rooms or normal rooms really matter when it comes to the actual benefits of yoga. The real, benefits are life changing and bigger than just physical “health benefits.” Hannah believes, “With all of these benefits of hot yoga, I must state I enjoy all types of yoga. I have a strong home practice which is in a room temperature climate. As long as I am using my ujahi breath, my body temperature will rise and I feel blissful after my practice is complete.”

Yoga is all about reconnecting with your breath, and your inner self.  Once you receive the benefits of yoga in your life hot or cold, yoga will be beneficial. Gooderham ended the interview, “The practice of yoga to me is meditation in movement. When I incorporate heat to my practice I consider the heat to be, at times, another obstacle to overcome and just stay focused on the breath.”  If a good detox is called for, or maybe a nice warm up, the 100 degree rooms are waiting!  “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

Bliss on my friends, Autumn Lachendro.

Lachendro, Hannah Gooderham, taken camera, 2015








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