In Colorado, marijuana is legal. Recreational and medical patients can obtain marijuana readily and without question in this state. Medical users feel the ease of stress financially and the relief of prescription side effects. Many people have turned growing marijuana into a business and creating edibles into medicine as a profitable new frontier for natural medicine.


Amendment 20 was past in 2010 and started the process of making marijuana accessible for patients with medical conditions that could benefit from the side effect free medicine. In 2012, Amendment 64 passed and opened the doors even wider for being able to make a choice on how you treat your conditions, naturally or with prescriptions.


Prescription pain killers, opiates, have had a 25% decrease in deaths related to overdoses in the states that have adopted the medical marijuana laws, compared to those that have not, the Journal of the American Medical Association shows. A study found that three-fourths of cannabis patients use marijuana as a substitute for prescription drugs.


Today doctors are even finding a use for CBD, cannabidiol, not only to reduce seizures but to have the same healing effects of marijuana without memory impairment or paranoia. Cannabidiol is put into external lotion for pain and has many other applications still being discovered.








It is very evident the side effects of prescription pills and the cost to the individual patient. Marijuana is used as medicine in cultures around the world for the past 5,000 years and has never caused a single over dose, plus the side effects are limited to hunger, if eating is the method of intake, you use. Taking a deeper look at natural medicine will result in a deeper understanding of this beautiful and versatile plant.



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