Meditation is a form of prayer, silencing the mind and reconnecting with the breath. Many people find sitting silently in one position for an extended period of time, while trying to think of nothing, and being as present in the moment as you can, is really hard work.

Meditation studies and research have shown that, “meditation relieves anxiety and depression and produces psychological well-being.” (Singh, Kaur, 2015) The benefits of introducing meditation into a weekly routine can contribute to an improved health and over all well being. (Jaeyeon, 2015) Studies have found it can lower blood pressure, and even improve mood. Meditation can improve the immune system, increase serotonin levels, and decrease insomnia. Numerous physical and mental benefits come with a meditation routine. The goal of meditation is to get your mind calm and peaceful. In such a hectic, bustling world, people often find themselves in a negative and unhappy space. Trying to meditate alone can seem unfruitful. When meditating in a group one can more easily stay motivated, and inspired.

Meditation is something this yogi started doing in the early hours of the morning, in a group setting, on a dock in Guatemala. It was kind of a task at first, getting up, sitting still, while trying to silence the mind. The training was difficult at first but transformed into one of the most anticipated times of the daily routine.

A beginner would be better suited to try meditation with others in a group. 1) You can feel the shared energy in the area, 2) you are motivated to be part of a group, 3)It helps to silence the inner voice in your head.

Don’t waste another minute, increase your happiness and energy now. As a yogi, I invite everyone to try a group meditation somewhere, and go share your unique light. The meditation gatherings are usually free, and offer you the right environment you need to get started. Even for those that are shy, a meditation group is a great place for you to go and really be present on a different level.


Locally, Unity Church located on Mesa Rd. in Colorado Springs, CO., offers one of these mediation gatherings at noon on Wednesdays each week. This is a silent hour where you can pray, journal, or sit quietly with your eyes closed. Bring some water, comfortable clothes, and a clear mind. Meditation gives you the opportunity to relax and reconnect with the connectedness that is in us all. Meditation is like a seed, when you cultivate a seed with love, the more it blossoms.


Here is a link to more local meditation groups with Meetup.



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