The Pikes Peak Ascent is an International Marathon. It is not for the faint of heart. The race has 7,815 feet of elevation gain and is 13.32 miles of ascent. It is one of the most challenging races in the United States. Matt Spencer is one of the oldest competitors, “It’s been a great ride and I still think I have some left in me, but I’ll be 47 for this year’s race and you’re not going to see that age among the top finishers very often anywhere, let alone winning.”

Julia Hovey, Manitou local, is doing the race this year with hopes to finish in less then six hours. The racers use the Manitou Incline for training, as it has a 2,000-foot elevation increase in less then two miles. On race days the, “Incliners” come, support the racers, and spectate as the International event takes place.

This Marathon will always be known as a huge accomplishment in the race world, and to anyone who has strived to make it to the top on race day.



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