~When someone is asked what they think Reiki is, they normally respond with a funny look, and a mumbled, “I have no idea?” Reiki is a very old Japanese relaxation, healing and energy moving technique. “Not religious,” Katie Lengerich, a expert in the field, uses these words to describe Reiki healing, “Even Jesus was a Reiki Healer.”

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Katie Lengerich is a level two Reiki Healer.  Katie heals by acting as vessel for universal energy moving and using energy for friends and family that come to see her. Interested in the basics and the main facts about Reiki for my website readers, Lengerich sat down for an interview to help enlighten us, something she is used to doing! Reiki starts with knowing, scientifically that, “Were all made of energy and moving particles,” Lengerich mentioned.

  • “The Reiki Experience” for a first timer
  • Lay down on a table like you would for a massage, supine.
  •  May get covered with a blanket
  •  Close your eyes & relax, Reiki Master places their HANDS gently on you.
  •  The Reiki Master moves their hands all over your body with light pressure.
  • The Reiki Master is using their body as an instrument to FEEL what’s going on in your body.
  • Doing nothing is all you have to do! Lengerich states, “ It will still help whether you believe in a higher power or not. Fake it until you make it.”      

It’s important with anything healing and spiritual that you understand its origin. The origin of Reiki was discovered by Dr. Usui, in Japan late 19th Century,  Usui would often seek shelter in a cave for 21 days and meditate. On on such excursion, he was inspired for his system of healing- Reiki.  He later wrote a book, The Spirit of Reiki, teaching how to make yourself a container for the energy that comes from the Universe, God, or higher power thru your hands into others to help relax and heal.      

Benefits of Reiki Healing are found from actually shifting your energy in the direction of both healing and relaxing, as well as keeping you informed on what your body is trying to tell you. At the Master level Lengerich still is in pursuit of her Final attunement level, level three, first she must attain 100 hours of actual healing.  Attunements are past down a lineage from the original practice of Dr. Usui, it’s interesting how it can be tracked so far. Lengerich has a lovely sacred space for her Reiki practice in her home, and she is active in spiritual and universal consciousness and spreading the “awareness.” Lengerich is empathetic in her work skill, meaning she can really tune into others feelings and energies produced by their bodies. Truly a inspiring women, Lengerich is a modern day pioneer of forward thinking, healthy healing and spirituality.


I A. Lachendro took this photograph of Katie Lengerich

Lengerich believes that the universal energy does the work, either way you think of Reiki, your body and mind benefits regardless. The best thing to do for your first session is “Be as open and relaxed as you can be.”  This allows the energy to flow more easily and the Reiki session will be more beneficial. Lengerich speaks of how the energy from another will give her pain sensations in certain areas of HER body alerting to areas in YOUR body that may need attention and love.  Lengerich says, results will still be achieved but far superior ones happen, “When someone is open to it.” To learn about this healing and relaxing practice is an awesome way to take care of your body and share the light at the same time, much like restorative yoga.  Reiki is the science of working with energy, the Master acts as a container for that energy but once it enters your body it will go where it needs to go. Lengerich says, “Once that energy gets to your body it has a mind of its own, it can go wherever it wants.

 Anyone can be an energy worker helping heal another through touch.

Shine on amazing people, Namaste’


Author, A. Lachendro



Interviewee: Katie Lengerich / kitty0825@aol.com

 Resources information on Reiki Healing:




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