nullIn boardercross you are going very fast, up to 70 mile per hour. The race courses are designed to be as safe as possible while encompassing some large features. Features on a boardercross track are whoop sections, tabletops, brims, and wu-tangs. Snowboarding down these courses elbow to elbow with five others can become quite dangerous. It is beneficial to have your attention on high, and to exercise caution with all you do, its not just you that could become injured. Research done by the Federation University Australia over the period of 2003-2012, showed a 170 percent increase in emergency room visits by snowboarders. This and many other studies have prompted some ski resorts to require helmets to the snowboarders on the hill. Competing in boardercross requires you to have a certain helmet that’s approved for competition before each race.


Boardercross has features designed to challenge the competitors. The wu-tang is a feature much like a half pipe. It requires precision and to stay flat on your snowboard with no edges. The brims are large turns taken at high speeds where passing and collisions are prominent. The Tabletops range from 20-75 feet in width and the competitors soar over them. The second most common cause of injuries on a snowboard are associated with jumps, says Dr. Young with the Medical College of Wisconsin. Computers help design these race courses to the highest level of fluidity, however there are still elements of speed and close proximity that make this kind of competition very dangerous.


The American Family Physician website shows the percentage of injuries occurring in each region of the body. The wrist ranks number one and often now, beginners are required to wear wrist protectors when they are just learning. David Roth, identified an informative article link on Face Book about how serious head injuries can be reduced by 60% if a helmet is worn. There is even a group on Google+ that is dedicated to injured riders snowboards. This is an awesome place to find comfort and support if you have become a victim of injury while snowboarding, and have a used snowboard for sale. Brindley Stocks shares her infographics on Twitter making a colorful display of injuries for snowboarders and skiers alike. She uses hash tags to alert people who are skiing for their Easter vacation. Snowboarding will continue to be a favorite past time for old and young, male and female. Participation in snowboarding in 1989 was 9 to 1 men to women, however in 1995 women’s attendance had risen to 3 to 1 on the slopes.

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