In recent years Urban Snowboarding has taken off. Urban Snowboarding is a style of “jibbing” that can be done anywhere; cities, streets, anywhere with snow. As a verb: to jib is the act of jibbing, or jumping upon or over an object or obstacle on a snowboard (Del Sol, 2014). Urban Snowboarding originated with skateboard kids who could not afford all the luxuries of a season pass to snowboard, or transportation to and from the Ski Resort. In recent years Urban riding has surged among youth because of it’s accessibility and affordability.


(LeGrand, Jona 2010 Best of Urban Snowboarding)

         Urban snowboarding does not require much snow. Areas with limited snow can be found in urban environments where a person can utilize features like handrails, ledges, parking structures, and retaining walls as catalysts for creativity (Snowlink, 2016). The streets of cities have turned into more than accessible terrain parks. Utilizing rails, and steps that are already built to create awesome “jibs” and other obstacles that provide any snowboarder a creative place to try new tricks. For snowboarders that have no or limited access to the mountains, urban riding can offer them a chance to enjoy snowboarding right out their front door.

Snowboarding in Baltimore, MD – Federal Hill – Urban Riding-


Snowboarding is expensive. Recently many programs are popping up around urban areas to help make it easier for lower income kids to experience the snow covered mountains along with everyone else. However, that is why urban snowboarding is a great option for kids in cities that need an outlet. They can turn to this sport or others instead of getting caught up in such things as gangs or drugs.

SOS is a youth outreach program in Denver, Colorado that does just that. The program provides transportation, equipment, and coaches, plus a discounted day pass for the youth. It’s impact is huge for kids that previously would never have been given the chance, let alone provided the opportunity. Snowboarding shouldn’t just be for kids who can afford it, especially in such a versatile sport that everyone should be able to enjoy.

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