~ What’s The 411 on Kundalini Yoga With David Barfoot (Charanbir Singh)

Autumn Lachendro, 5/14/2015, David Barfoot

In the loving light of Yoga and its many channels, Kundalini is one of the least understood styles of the ancient practice. Kundalini is similar to Chi-Gong but emerged from a different region. A stereotype started in the sixties when kundalini was getting grouped with the “free love” movement, and as being very sexual. Basically Kundalini opens up the channels of the body, starting in the pelvic region, and once opened you can choose to focus on different regions more or less. Kundalini was coupled with sexuality, however Kundalini Yoga is a much bigger spiritual journey than that.

David Barfoot, who goes by Charanbir Singh, his spiritual name, is a certified Kundalini instructor under Yogi Bhajan, the man who brought Kundalini Yoga to the United States in 1969.  Most teachers are connected to him, his teachings being past down. In his sixties Barfoot decided to pursue his teaching certification, after losing his teacher. The experience for him was life changing, and he was changed inside and out. He attended his Kundalini teacher training at the Star House in Boulder, Colorado. His knowledge on the subject immense, sitting down with Barfoot at Adam’s Mountain Cafe for an interview was enthralling.  Barfoot explained, what  Kundalini is in “layman” terms? “Kundalini is a split off of yoga hundreds of years ago. Kundalini uses a lot of breathe work. It is a way to balance and open up all the energy channels in the body. It is an “energy body” that resides in the pelvic region and rises as we become more, “aware” and in touch with source. “Kundalini creates a more elevated state of being.”

Kundalini can be an experience as well as a yoga form. The word has two meanings. The Kundalini yoga takes you physically there, then changes happen, ” you won’t find words to wrap around,” Barfoot said.  Kundalini is also an “experience” where you no longer feel attached to drama & trauma, emotion & commotion. You will become less interested in the “soap opera” of our lives. Kundalini yoga is considered the yoga of “awareness.”

Describing “Awareness”  in a spiritual sense Barfooot says, “being aware of the muscles in your body, tuning into muscles you never even knew you had, and being aware of your breathing and the way we feel.”  Awareness goes out in ways of intuition, and becoming more aware intuitively starts to happen in life. Having our actions all be more, “mindful.” Barfoot says our subconscious and ego can clog up our clarity, clarity of our “awareness vision.” Focusing on living in the present because that’s all that exists.

 There are some terms you hear a lot when you talk about Kundalini Yoga one of them is known as kirya, a kirya is “action.” The bulk of the class is after warm-ups called Kiryas. Each Kirya has a specific script. There are many kiryas and they can be done in any order the teacher desires. Kirya’s can be done during pranayama and meditation.  The other term is, “naad.” It is described as sound current of the Universe. When we chant mantras, we connect with the sound current of the Universe.”The pronunciation is very important here, it’s not the words you say as much as the way you say them.” Barfoot described there are 84 acupuncture points in the mouth; kundalini uses all of these as you articulate chants and sounds during mantras. When doing scared mantras naad is there, the current of universal sound.

It’s obvious the effects of opening these energy centers can be life-changing and enlightening, this quote is how one described the effects.The initiates found that a spiritual awakening coincided with sublime states of consciousness, an upliftment of morals, creativity, and a deep love for humanity; concluding that this evolutionary energy follows a predetermined path towards cosmic consciousness and is divine in nature. The great mystics of the past weren’t just here to teach us a path that would lead us to heavenly bliss, they were here to show us the goal meant for all of humanity.” Barfoot enjoyed this quote and said, “It’s beyond words what you experience, everyone starts seeing something very, very similar, makes me think we have a source of truth. Oneness of all things becomes a truth. The other truth is recognizing simplicity in life. We encompass and live in love, not fear. Fear makes us do mean things, love makes us do nice things, and then the more elevated we become.”

“Cosmic Consciousness” is used a lot when describing Kundalini and yoga, Barfoot says, “It means total awareness. The universe see’s itself by using polarities, Dark & light, Night & Day, Hot & Cold. Duality is when you think one is better then the other. Total awareness is when you understand and it is as it is.”

“Truths are truths” Barfoot says, as he smiles gently. “Don’t get caught up in duality.” Kundalini is the force and the controlling mechanism of the divine and intelligent, cosmic evolutionary life-force (Prana) that resides in every one of us. Coiled three and a half times like a serpent, Kundalini awakens from its sleep at the base of the spine through meditation or prayer, sometimes spontaneously, or by a near death experience. The Kundalini power works to transform the brain and body in order to reach cosmic consciousness – the evolutionary target of humanity. The Kundalini process occurs within the brain and nervous system which creates psycho-physiological symptoms/manifestations that can be subjectively observed and objectively verifiable. “If you don’t see god in aww, you don’t see god at all!” Barfoot added before leaving.

Class, David Barfoot, Autumn Lachendro 5/11/2015

Kundalini or Kundalini yoga can be transformative in life, opening up your energy centers to vibrate at a higher level. The awareness is an important goal for anyone trying to act mindfully in what they say and do. Who is excited to find a kundalini yoga class nearby? Barfoot offers a Re-Birthing workshop the first Saturday of every month at Celebrations Community Room. It is a place to start, by clearing out the subconscious, and bringing in new prana.  Barfoot has a website www.Anotherstillness.com and he is very active in the spiritual community. What an educated, kind person Charanbir Singh is, the knowledge and stillness he emits is amazing and inspirational and added to an already interesting topic!

Namaste’ Autumn

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